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Photos from the glamorous wedding of Shehu Shagari’s granddaughter and Namadi Sambo’s in-law in Abuja


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  • I’m a little tired of this and I’ve addressed the “Fat Topic” before and gotten into trouble. I truly love the the beautiful movement about accepting normal bodies so when this topic started trending I just smh but thought I should share this: If you’re allegedly loving yourself, you won’t attack anyone for being whatever size they are.

    When you look at marketing, Victoria Secret is selling clothing. If she goes on the runway in her body-type that’s probably not what everyone would be looking at. That’s just pointing out the obvious. They are selling a brand. Of course in the stores they market to all sizes but on the runway it’s about the style. If you don’t fit the part of the job it’s absolutely fine, they will find someone to fit it (I don’t fit the size of their runway models either and I’m not the size of Tess). She is a plus-size model and also fits for specific companies. Being a plus-size model is a position, being a Victoria secret model is the same thing. YOU have to be the right fit for the job! If she loses a set amount of weight, she will no longer be a plus size model. I don’t see how she doesn’t see this. Fit, Fat and Skinny all takes work—that’s that. Now this girl refuses to diet AT ALL and claims that VS perpetuates negative body standards. C’mon now.

    I’m so tired of women like this who just sit around and hate on other women because they aren’t comfortable in their own image. If she loved herself she would never be skinny shaming. Now before anyone claims that I’m fat shaming once again, notice I try to always promote an active lifestyle, not necessarily a skinny lifestyle. Your body will do what it wants there’s no targeting. I will always pursue abs, but I know what my limitations are. It’s also tough for me to keep a certain body that I want (shocker). Some things you can get through exercise, some you can’t. No matter if you’re a size 2 or a size 20, it takes work on either end to be that size. I’ve chosen to maintain mostly because I don’t want a new wardrobe.

    Anyway mumbling, I just can’t stand these body shaming women who don’t realize that this comes from their own self-confidence struggles. Rant end.

  • OrionElectra