Xiaomi intros new Mi Electric Scooter in China


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  • Sabreline

    Settin up the lawsuit!!!!!!!!!

    • sass

      After what they’ve been through, they more than deserve every bit of money they can get. Atrocious.

      • Heathen Samm

        money can’t bring back the dead. This never should have happened.

  • Heathen Samm

    that’s heartbreaking. Do we need yet another example of slipshod investigation due to public pressure? This is just as much on the people as it is on law enforcement. People just want an arrest, and don’t want to wait. The innocence project has had so many convictions overturned, saving lives of people on death row who were wrongfully convicted. How about the public not acting like the villagers storming Frankensteins’ castle? Let investigations take the time they need to be thorough. There’s no way to fix a family after the innocent party dies in prison.