Xiaomi to launch refreshed Mi Notebook Air with 4G support on December 23


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  • Jeremiah Jones

    Honestly, I’m annoyed that the company is going to be giving the kid the game. You shouldn’t reward terrible behavior like this. All he’s going to learn is that if you complain loudly enough, you’ll get your way.

    • Anne Mckinney-page

      Yes! That is giving a brat the wrong message… that if you scream, and throw a tantrum… you can have anything you want. That is… by the way… how Trump started. IJS

      • adam garza

        oh no another stupid liberal. Please end your life

        • Anne Mckinney-page

          Bésame el culo, idiota

          • adam garza

            Someone call donald trump to deport this rapist wetback!

        • Shmoe

          Republican Police here: you’re under arrest for supporting handouts to the undeserving.

        • Gloria Monti

          nice christian sentiment on christmas day. typical and stupid conservative.

        • hurlyburly

          I wish your mom had shoved a clothes hanger through your forehead while you were still floating around her putrid womb… it wouldn’t have been hard sliding the metal through that semen drenched gaper.

          • adam garza

            Lmao mad bro? I bet you dumbass liberals know all about abortions huh. Babykilling retard

      • LeAnda Carver Latstetter

        Describing most liberals I know.

        • FatherGuidoSarducci

          It’s sad that you idiots have to bring politics in to every conversation

          • LeAnda Carver Latstetter

            Does the truth hurt?

    • LeAnda Carver Latstetter

      I agree this ingrate deserves nothing.

    • Tiffani Jones

      My guess is that’s what the parents wanted, which is disgusting.

  • Kevin Smith

    Great, give the little brat just what he wants.

  • Corey M Callahan

    WWE Should send a turd in a box for the ugly little savage.

    • Gloria Monti

      he looks like a thug n the making.

      • hurlyburly

        That’s unnecessarily bigoted. He looks like a thousand disgustingly spoiled children I’ve seen lately… white, black, brown… shitty parenting is shitty parenting.

        • Dolores Carlson

          Thugs DO come in all colors, you know. It’s not racist. And there are so many thugs of all colors because of the parents.

  • Michael Peter Duck

    You see, it’s stuff like THIS that pisses me off about Christmas. This selfish spoiled brat has the best. He has a home, clothes on his back, food in his stomach friends, family and most importantly FAMILY who love him enough to buy the stupid toy to begin with. Not to mention the fact that when he gets what he wants he will eventually become BORED with it before next summer ends. There are children around the world that doesn’t even have ONE TENTH of what he has and get they are grateful for any little thing that they are given. AND… thanks to this viral video he is going to be rewarded for his bad behaviour. What kind of world is this????? I got 2 gifts this Christmas. Two. And they were given to me by friends. And I cherish what they gave me because they freely gave from their hearts And then I see something like THIS… and it just reminds me how selfish, spoiled and vain the people of this world has become… so much so that this selfishness has trickled down I.to the souls of our children.

    • Dolores Carlson

      I saw an article near Christmas where a man took a group of children from a shelter shopping and told them to choose the items they wanted. These kids mostly went right to the toiletries aisle and loaded up on toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair brushes, hair ties. Others chose notebooks and pencils and pens, crayons, shoes, etc. They were thrilled too. He had to choose a toy and treat item for them himself. All they wanted was the normal things we take for granted that they had in short supply.

  • Brenda Sutton

    Entitled youth If it was me he would have nothing! Take it back

  • Dolores Carlson

    I don’t know who is worse, the kid or the mother who thought it was cool to put her kid on the internet doing this. SMH Too much of that lately.

  • ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ Dee

    Kids need to learn to be happy for what they have, or just do without until they do learn.